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Tips for Arranging Your Food Catering Area

When it comes to hosting an event, whether formal or casual, it is important to get the food arrangement right. Of course, your halal food catering company will help, but you may still want to consider the below questions.

Where should you put the beverages? Should you place them to the right of your main course or to the left? Should you put everything on one long table or have small stations? Should you reserve a table for the drinks and appetizers, or should you amalgamate the entire menu on one table? How can you keep the food warm?

So, here are some tips on how to arrange your food catering area.

Consider setting up a live station

One important thing to consider when arranging the food catering area is whether you want to set up a live food station. Just the sight and smell of foods being cooked onsite could be quite entertaining to your guests. This also helps ensure that you always serve warm food to your guests. If you don’t want to create a live station, however, you can use chafing dish and ceramic crockery to keep the food warm.

Multiple food stations

It is always a good idea to ask your halal catering to set up multiple food serving tables, as it helps avoid crowding at a single station. Crowding on a single table will leave your guests unsatisfied and also create a hassle for them when they are serving themselves.

Don’t underestimate the presentation

No matter how delectable the food is, there are always extra points for presentation. The first impression may not be the last, but the first impression is what helps the guests choose what to eat. The eyes feast on the food before it is tasted. The dishes should be garnished to give it visual appeal. Ornamental compote of fruit or a vase of fresh flowers can be arranged at the center of the table to brighten it up.