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Tips for Throwing a Catered Party in a Small Apartment

According to the latest statistics, 8 out of 10 Singaporean families live in the government-built HDB flats, which are common for having inadequate living space. Typically, a 3-room HDB flat in Singapore has a floor area of around 645 square feet.

It is easy to see why most HDB-dwellers would think twice (if not more) before throwing a party in their small apartment.

It is possible to host an unforgettable party, no matter the size of your house. One good strategy is to appoint a halal food catering company for the job. Acclaimed caterers often also give ideas on how to make the most of your space. Here are some more tips for throwing a catered party in a small apartment.  

1. Create multiple food zones

Since you’ve a lack of space, it would be a good idea to set up multiple food zones across the room, instead of just one. That way, you can avoid any possible traffic bottlenecks around the food serving area. Ideally, ask your halal catering service to spread foods around the room.

2. Keep your room well-ventilated

The more people you’d cram into your small apartment, the more quickly your rooms will heat up. One way to counter this is by keeping your rooms well-ventilated. If you want to keep the windows closed, then turn on the air conditioner. Otherwise, open the windows and turn on the fans.

3. Rearrange the furniture

No matter how small is your apartment, you can still make space for more guests. To that end, consider rearranging your furniture to create more space. For instance, you can shift your living room’s furniture to another room to make more space for the guests in your living room.