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Tips for Vegetarian Food Catering

Imagine this! You have booked halal catering for your next event but found that some of your guests are vegetarian. Now what?

Actually, it isn’t as big a problem as it sounds like. Most halal caterers in Singapore provide a range of veggie food options. And guess what? Veggie foods can be tasty and healthy at the same time. (Think veggie burger or fried vegetarian bee hoon!)

But how will plan vegetarian menus for your guests when you know little or zilch about them? Now that’s a genuine problem. So here are some tips for vegetarian food catering.

Know Your Options

The first thing to do is know your options. Ask your halal catering company to tell you the types of veggie dishes they offer. In general, you’ll find the below options to choose from.

Raw Vegan Recipes

These are a perfect choice for the discerning vegetarian guests. Healthy but less delicious, raw vegan recipes could range from chopped salads to a combination of chopped fruits and vegetables.

Indian veggie dishes

If your guest list includes some Indian people who prefer vegetarian food, then maybe you should consider including some Indian-style vegan dishes, such as, Bindi Masala and Chop Suey Mixed Vegetables. Indians usually prefer spicy vegetarian recipes. You can even use dairy products for the preparation of those dishes. However, make sure the dishes do not contain eggs or meat.

Chinese vegan recipes

You can plan some Chinese vegetable recipes, such as Nyonya Chap Chye, Vegetable Spring Rolls and Veggie Chow Mein. One great thing about Chinese vegan dishes is that some of them look like meat recipes. However, they don’t use meat, eggs, onion, garlic and any dairy products in their vegan dishes.

Other vegan meals

Among other vegetable dishes, you can serve steamed mixed grain rice with seasonal vegetables or Xiao Bai Chye with Assorted Mushrooms.