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Tips on Planning Enough Food for Your Catered Event

Planning food for your catered event could be challenging yet exciting. First you’ll sit with your halal catering company to decide on the menus. But then the next challenge is to decide how much food would suffice for your guests. The consequences of a wrong estimate could be devastating. You don’t want to order more foods than required; neither do you want to run out of foods in the middle of your event. So, how can you plan just enough food for your next event? Here are some tips.

Make informed decisions

Before you estimate your food requirement, know your facts. First things first, consider your event type. Are you planning a buffet, a sit-down dinner, or a semi-formal evening party? Next you need to consider the duration of your event. As you can imagine, the amount of food you need will depend on the number of guests you’ve invited. So, get that number correct. If you are planning a short-duration party, you’ll need less food. Simple things like this need to be considered for making an informed decision on how much food you might need for your catered event.


The lunch menu should include at least two appetizers and a main dish weighing around 160 grams. The main entrée could be any rice items, such as Japanese garlic fried rice, savory buttered raisin rice or Wok fried rainbow rice with anchovies & beans. Also, you should plan two or three side dishes and at least one beverages per person.

If there is no heavy meal, such as lunch or dinner, consider serving 8 to 12 appetizers per person. For drinks, make sure you have at least three varieties. If you are planning to serve only tea and coffee, then make sure you offer at least three rounds of tea to each guest.