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Top 3 Advantages of Buffet Catering

If you are planning to hire halal food catering but split between buffet and seated dinner, here’s what you should do….Match your meal style with your event type.

While plated meals are great for formal events, buffets are ideal for causal events. For instance, if you are booking halal catering Singapore for your corporate event, you may want to go with seated meals. On the other hand, if you need halal food catering services for wedding receptions or Chinese New Year parties, you should go for a catered buffet. Let’s take a look at the 3 main benefits of buffet catering.

1. More variety of foods

In a seated dinner, your guests are served a few pre-selected menus. But in a catered buffet, your guests have the flexibility to choose from a wide variety menu options in any category. For instance, you may have a variety of chicken dishes or many different types of rice items. With buffet catering, your guests can try any one or more of those items.

2. More socialization

A seated dinner is just that – a seated dinner. Your guests will rarely socialize or interact with each other. They’ll simply sit and eat, with no real opportunity to start a conversation with strangers. In comparison, a buffet is an altogether different environment where people will move around, walk through a queue, and socialize more easily. 

3. More personalized serving size

In a catered buffet, guests serve themselves. Do you know what that means to your guests? They get more control over not only what but how they much want to eat. In a plated dinner, everyone is served a standard portion. But not everyone has the same eating capacity. As a result, a lot of the food goes waste in a seated dinner. On the flip side, because of the standard serving size, some guests may remain hungry. Either way, buffet catering is more beneficial to your guests.